Human Junk / God's America split 7"

Its probably apparent that we never update this page, but now there is some actual news i'll put something up.
After more than two and a half years as a band we have a record out. In an age where bands go straight to vinyl 5 minutes after forming i would say we've "paid our dues". Massive thanks to Andres of God's America/Negative Outlook for sorting everything out and to Stu TITV for the initial hook up. Also thanks to Black Trash and Third Eye Grind for their contributions.

"God's America rip through 6 songs of devastating powerviolence. The songs are hammered out at a ridiculously wild speed with wretched slow sections and absolutely seething vocals. Turn over and Human Junk produce a whirlwind of distorted thrash. 7 songs of ugly, ultra fast blasting punk in the Dropdead/Hellnation tradition."

This is what we have left for sale...
- God's America split 7": £3.50 (ltd green vinyl)
- Man Hands split pro-tape: £2.50 (last of the 2nd press)
- Human Junk t-shirt: £6 (only 3 red size L left)

Get the record from any of these fine labels...
- Negative Outlook (USA) -
- Third Eye Grind (USA) -
- Black Trash (AU) -
- Tombs In The Valley (UK) -
- Keep Screaming (UK) -


We recorded 12 songs back in November for 2 records. One is a split 5" with our good friends LICH and the other is a split 7" with awesome U.S powerviolence unit God's America. These should see the light of day within the next couple of months as both the other bands have recorded too and we just need to sort out artwork. Check out the bandcamp page to hear 4 of our new songs.